About Us

The mission of the Urban League of Rochester, NY is to enable African-Americans, Latinos, the poor and other disadvantaged to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.

Our three-pronged strategy for pursuing the mission is:     
     • Ensuring that our children are well educated and equipped for economic
       self-reliance in the 21st century;

     • Helping adults attain economic self-sufficiency through good jobs, home
       ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation; and

     • Ensuring our civil rights by eradicating all barriers to equal participation
       in the economic and social mainstream of America.

The Urban League of Rochester was founded in 1965 in the wake of racial unrest and riots that crippled the Rochester community. The formation of the agency, which is an affiliate of the National Urban League, was intended to address the material needs of poor and minority citizens in areas such as housing, employment, education, health and economic parity.

Today, the Urban League of Rochester offers over 30 programs in the areas of youth services, services for the developmentally disabled, economic development, employment services, family and children services, education, homeownership and entrepreneurial assistance. In 2019, the League served over 4,000 individuals.

The Urban League of Rochester is a membership organization.  Click here for a list of those who became members during the 2019 fiscal year.