TASC Instructor/Navigator (Full Time)


As the TASC Instructor/Navigator you will be responsible for working with students on a day to day basis to ensure their success in increasing their literacy/numeracy and completing and passing the TASC exam. You will also be responsible for assisting participants in becoming self-sufficient as well as monitoring student attendance and completing monthly reports which will ensure that students are on track in achieving their educational and career goals.  


  1. Provide assistance in achieving academic and employment success through effective and comprehensive activities that improve educational and skill competencies, and connections to employers.
  2. Remove barriers to active participation in education, training, and employment.
  3. Instruct and supervise TASC class sessions
  4. Help participants acquire and obtain necessary skills to pass the TASC test.
  5. Administer TABE (both pre and post TABE tests)
  6. Ensure on-going mentoring opportunities with adults.
  7. Provide opportunities for training, career exploration, work experience, employment.
  8. Monthly face-to-face communication with each youth.
  9. Provide incentives for recognition and achievement.
  10. Provide activities related to leadership, development, decision-making, citizenship and community service.
  11. Develop job positions in the private sector suited to applicant’s needs.
  12. Develop career oriented programs of study for participants
  13. Submit accurate monthly and quarterly reports and monitor program to ensure it is on track for meeting goals.
  14. Attend and participate in Urban League functions and fundraising events.
  15. Perform such duties as the supervisor may assign.



  • Bachelor’s degree required; Bachelor’s degree in education or Master’s degree in education preferred.
  • Valid New York State teaching certification for adult education or special education and experience in teaching TASC or GED.
  • Minimum 2 years teaching experience.
  • Knowledge of NYS Education Department TASC requirements.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Flexibility in the development of lesson plans.
  • Knowledge of learning theory and teaching methodology.
  • Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work with a diverse population and understand the issues relating to such population.
  • Competency with Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel and ability to produce monthly reports and other required documents.
  • Must be customer service oriented.


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