Team Leader - Day Habilitation



As the Day Habilitation Team Leader you will be responsible for working the consumers on a day to day basis, helping them to reach their goals of being self sufficient in key areas. You will be responsible for working effectively with the Day Habilitation staff to ensure the program carries out the policies, procedures and responsibilities of the individuals who will participate in the program and maintain a safe environment.





  1. Develop Day Habilitation Service Plan in conjunction with ISP with input from the consumer, family, advocate, service coordinator, and other staff.
  • Attends and participates in meetings as requested in a professional, cooperative and communication manner, and work-adjusts schedule accordingly.
  • Comes to the meeting having reviewed all pertinent information and demonstrates a good knowledge of the person’s ISP, Day Habilitation Service Plan, interests, assets, obstacles and development towards achieving life goals and /or values outcomes.
  • Is responsible to the person’s desires and needs.
  • Recommends Day Habilitation Services that are designed to meet the consumer’s choice and comply with applicable regulations, and particularly with the elements of independence, inclusion, individualization, productivity, and governing principles of OMRDD.
  • When able to attend case reviews, ensures coverage by someone else in the program area familiar with the consumer. Submits written input form to program administration if no one from the core area is able to attend.
  • Covers case review meetings as requested (if core counselor can’t attend) and provide input relevant to the program services being provided.     

2. Completes all required documentation.

  • Progress notes are completed on a daily basis and filed in the person’s Day Service record.
  • ISP input is provided as requested by the Service Coordinator.
  • Day Habilitation Services plans are submitted with all required elements within identified timeframes (10 working days following reviews with minimal updated annually).
  • Communicates between residence and Day Service provider for all significant occurrences/events.
  • Establish consumer Day Habilitation charts. Also maintain and update as required following standard order of filing.
  • Daily attendance sheets are completed as required.

3. Maintains and provides effective programs.

  • Completes or updates consumer’s Individual Plan of Protection Day Habilitation Addendum on an annual basis and per as changes occur.
  • Provides ongoing encouragement to consumers toward independent functioning.
  • Attention is given to assure consumer’s rights are addressed and respected.
  • Provides required interventions as specified in ISP and DHP’s.
  • Provides supervision and directions to support relative to daily responsibility in providing Day Habilitation services. Provides adequate core room structure and calendar of daily activities to enable all staff assigned in the room to carry out the planned services.

4. Maintains the service base in the areas of safety.

  • Conducts monthly fire drills
  • Test water temperatures weekly
  • Oversees van driver
  • Oversees van maintenance. Ensures van driver is up on van maintenance.
  • Updates program billing sheets monthly.

5. Cooperates and works professionally with others for the overall smooth operation of the Day Habilitation service base.

  • Communicates professionally with coworkers and supervisors.
  • Works is a cooperative manner with coworker and supervisors.
  • Keeps supervisors informed of problems and presents them in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Adheres to Day Habilitation Services and DDSO rules and regulations governing operation and conduct in Day Habilitation Services (smoking, eating policies, etc.)

6. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Division Manager.

7. Attend/support Urban League of Rochester events and fundraising functions, specifically ULR Membership   Drive and United Way Campaign.





  • Associates Degree in human services preferred, but will accept a High School Diploma with experience working with the developmental disabled population.
  • At least two years’ experience in working with families and youth in an urban setting.
  • Minimum of one-year experience with developmentally disabled population.
  • Must be able to tolerate and handle stressful situations in a clam and professional manner.
  • Must be consumer service oriented.
  • Ability to relate well with others, a team player, with a positive can do attitude.
  • Competency with Microsoft Office.
  • Valid NYS driver license, clean driver’s abstract.
  • Car necessary.
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience may be acceptable.