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Equity and U Luncheon

     Equity & U: Not Your Average Luncheon   
                Tuesday, November 12, 2019    
                         12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
       Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside 
                          Convention Center

Equity & U: Not Your Average Luncheon will 
empower members of the community to get 
involved in developing solutions to community 
inequities through open dialogue, connection, 
and resource sharing.   

Join us to be a part of the conversation and the solution!


Black Scholars Online Scholarship Application Portal Launched

The Black Scholars Online Scholarship Application Portal was launched on Friday, December 14, 2018 (6:00 PM).  Seniors can create an application account, download recommendations forms, upload documents (essays, unofficial transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, resumes, etc.), and receive reminders if their application is incomplete.  When creating your application at (http://www.ulr.org/Programs/YouthEducationDevelopment/BlackScholars.aspx);

·        Please secure your login and pass code.

·        Download three recommendation forms and deliver them to the professional who will be providing a reference on your behalf (typically a teacher, guidance counselor, job supervisor, volunteer advocate, or extra-circular professional).  The recommendation forms will have the contact information for the referee to send to my office for confidentiality issues.

·        Always save your work before logging off the application portal to continue at a later time.


The Black Scholar honoree selection process will not begin until February 2019.  Participating High Schools from six counties will provide me with transcripts and grade reports for the 1st term of your senior year.  The academic evaluation will be conducted by local college admissions counselors and myself (I have 12 years of college admissions experience).  The Black Scholar academic criteria to be selected as an overall “B” average or 3.0 GPA to be selected as a honoree.  Seniors will be notified by mail and email if they were selected as a Black Scholar honoree in late March 2019.  

In turn, only the 2019 Black Scholars honorees will be competing to secure over 60 scholarships we have available (many scholarship sponsors offer multiple awards to our honoree recipients).  In June 2018, our scholarship sponsors give over 2.7 million in scholarship awards!  I will be tracking your application progress and sending emails to remind you to complete the application.  

 Lastly, I will be emailing seniors scholarship applications, outside scholarship opportunities, and requesting information if you plan to attend any local colleges this Fall 2019.  If  you do not receive emails from our office, please email me with the following information:

·         Name

·         High School

·         Student Email (Please provide your personal email instead of your school email address)

·         Parent Email

Please make sure to check your emails more frequently since many of these scholarships are time-sensitive.  

Senior Newsletter Link: https://mailchi.mp/9d2466cf9c81/black-scholars-senior-newsletter-vol-2

Black Scholars Scholarship Listing:  http://ulrochester.force.com/scholarships/Scholarship_List

Rochester Area Community Foundation Scholarships:   http://us6.forward-to-friend.com/forward/preview?u=8071b1e06d11b5c76baa2f56e&id=889f1ade27