Developmental Disabilities Division

The following programs assist developmentally disabled persons of all ages to gain access to services geared to meet their needs and those of their families.

Day Habilitation Program: Serves up to 20 adults in our state-of-the-art Center for Living. The program teaches independent living skills, money management, housekeeping skills, computer literacy and other skills in a warm, culturally sensitive environment. Program benefits include opportunities to socialize, field trips within the community, daily transportation, daily hot meals, and fun. Located at 265 North Clinton Avenue.

Family Care: Provides NY State certified private, community home-style living.  Family Care integrates support and training for individuals to work towards community independence and/or to develop independence from family.

Individual Support Services (ISS): Assists adults who have a developmental disability to establish and/or maintain their own household.

Parenting Support/Training Group: Meets weekly to share knowledge and gain support in developing and strengthening parenting skills of individuals with a developmental disability.

Community Habilitation: Provides individualized, intensive, at-home training to individuals with developmental disabilities in budgeting, shopping, household management, and more.

Respite Care: Offers families who are caring for individuals with developmental disabilities, funding for time to rest, relax and recreate without the burden of cost of care.

Family Reimbursement Program: Offers financial reimbursement for goods and services that enhance the quality of life for individuals who reside in a family.

The EISEP Program is a (Expanded In-Home Services For the Elderly Program) service to help people stay at home and avoid needing to use Medicaid by premature moves to a higher level of care. It provides case management and subsidized home care and other services to help the older person stay independent in the community.

More Info

For information on any of these programs, please contact Nicole Gibbons, Division Director, at 585-325-6530 Ext. 3082 or email