Afterschool Academy

The Afterschool Academy is an academic achievement program that helps prepare youth in grades 6th through 12th for success in college and careers.

Project Achieve and Project Excel are designed to prepare students grades 6th to 8th for the transition into a successful high school career. Staff provides academic support through homework help, tutoring, and literacy activities. Students engage in enrichment activities that strengthen their academic, social and leadership skills and expose them to the community’s cultural resources.

Project Ready: STEAM provides students in grades 8th to 12th with the support, guidance and encouragement needed to prepare them for a bright and promising future. Students engage in a curriculum that prepares them academically, socially, and culturally for college and careers. Students also engage in a STEM curriculum and exposure to STEAM fields through various activities and trips.

Afterschool Academy Summer Enrichment Program is a six week project-based academic program that works students entering grades 7th, 8th and 9th for the upcoming school year. Students engage in daily workshops around literacy, leadership and social development, college and career exploration, health and wellness, and cultural enrichment and skill building. Now accepting applications for summer. Deadline is Friday, June 12th by 11:59pm to See below for summer paperwork. For more information about Afterschool Academy Enrichment Program, contact staff at (585) 481-5232 or

Each component of the Academy provides academic support; cultural enrichment; and leadership development. The goals of the Academy are to promote school retention, academic accomplishment, college preparation, social development and cultural awareness.

For more information about Project Achieve, Project Excel and Project Ready, contact Program Director Charisma Travis at (585) 325-6530 ext. 3049 or

Funded by the United Way of Greater Rochester and the National Urban League.

Afterschool Academy Summer Program Required Forms:
Afterschool Academy Summer Application
Student Profile Form (ICDP)
Parent/Guardian Interview Form (ICDP)
Special Needs Form